About Us

SDF was founded over 25 year by Richard Altrath.  Richard was a dedicated instructor and student of the art of defensive shooting.

Richard passed on 2003 but his school and teachings were not forgotten by his most dedicated apprentice.

After his passing, we continued to teach the “SDF Way”.  The techniques continued to evolve and be refined based on the experience and feed back from students and instructors.
The outcome has been the development of the SDF System.  A revolutionary way to teach shooting in general but specifically defensive shooting. 

The SDF System enables anyone who undertakes the training to have the ability to pick up a handgun, point it towards a target (human or otherwise) and have consistent hits on center of mass without the use of sights, in minimal light at about 7 yards under stress. 

The SDF System is taught exactly the same way to everyone. This ensures a consistent, predictable outcome.

Many want to let you believe shooting requires some special talent or gift. Utilizing the SDF System we have proven that it is not latent that is required to be a proficient shooter. Instead it’s a skill that can be developed by anyone who is willing to take the time to learn.
The concept of developing a system to achieved a desired outcome is not new and can be applied to pretty much anything. Roy Kroc (founder of McDonald) succeeded in the hamburger business not by teaching his employees to be chefs but by teaching them a system to cook hamburgers. By using his system, any high school kid can cook a hamburger. Most if not all the martial arts taught throughout the world consist of a system to pass their teaching from generation to generation for hundreds of years.
Likewise, with the SDF System, anyone can learn to effectively, accurately and consistently shoot a gun in close quarter, high stress, low light conditions. No matter your age, race, gender, stature, hand size, everyone can be tough to effectively shot a hand gun with the SDF System.

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